Go Voip or Go Home!

Voip has its benefits and boy are they worth it! Voip can serve as a lifeline for small businesses saving them from the many prevalent issues within the telecommunications spectrum. One of the biggest selling points of VoIP is that it’s a system that brings together many functions, combining Internet, voice, e-mail, and more into a single useful entity, and it’s that versatility makes VoIP a key element in disaster recovery.

Another VoIP feature that helps expedite disaster recovery is the ability to unplug VoIP phones from the old location and plug them in at a different location, provided you have access to a high-speed Internet connection. The one big takeaway from this is that uninterrupted communications is the key to expeditious disaster recovery. With communications established, you can use VoIP to keep everyone in contact, continue conducting business with customers, and accessing/restoring your data which is backed up off-site, preferably on a cloud server.


Telecommunication Testimonials

Don’t pay high costs on an outdated phone system or put up with customers receiving fast busy signals when your system is down! Our partner NetCarrier is a secure “always-on” carrier class data center that will improve your quality of communication in a way you have never before! Let Chorus and NetCarrier handle features like Caller ID, Direct Dial Numbers, a Private Portal feature and Integration with Microsoft Outlook, and CRM platforms!

Telecommunication is essential for your business to reach clients, partners, and to of course generate revenue! When you go with NetCarrier, not only do you get excellent service, you save money as well!

If you don’t believe it for yourself, check out these testimonials praising the premium services we provide for businesses!

“Colocation with NetCarrier has been a reliable experience for our servers and websites. The location is easy to access, the staffs are responsive, and the services are very cost effective. I would recommend NetCarrier to anyone who would use colocation service in the area.” – Henry Wu, Business Owner.

“Dear NetCarrier,

Thank you for your fantastic services. On your recommendation, my company, CARIE, switched to broadband access with your PRI & analog services. The main reason for this switch was to obtain faster internet, to save money, and to eliminate bad Verizon cabling as a source of failure.

We were pleasantly surprised when all of our phones and faxes continued to work as well, if not better, than they had before. Since we have switched over, we have not had any problems with our phone service or our ability to receive faxes. In addition to the outstanding service and faster internet, this switch is saving us roughly $300 per month.” – Carolyn Power, manager

Don’t dread disasters, overcome them!

Everything is going right until the unexpected happens. Don’t let the unexpected ruin all your hard work. A good disaster recovery plan is the backbone of every business. Data loss and server downtime are very costly for businesses, especially when a company doesn’t have a disaster recovery plan in place. Even a small, short-term outage could result in significant data and business losses. Given these uncertain economic times, this could ultimately result in business failure.

The chart below shows the costs businesses suffer from server downtime and lost data:

Industry Sector Lost Revenue Per Hour

Energy $2.8 million

Telecommunications $2.0 million

Manufacturing $1.6 million

Financial Institutions $1.4 million

Information Technology $1.3 million

Insurance $1.2 million

Retail $1.1 million

Pharmaceuticals $1.0 million

Banking $996,000

Source: IT Performance Engineering & Measurement Strategies: Quantifying Performance Loss, Meta Group, October 2000.

So don’t let your company lose thousands to an unexpected and unnecessary disaster. Go with Chorus to find the right disaster recovery plan for you. Reach us at 215.922.1862 today!

The Experts have spoken… and the Cloud is here to stay!

Evolve IP surveyed over one thousand IT experts who weighed in on the importance of using cloud systems. Their startling statistics highlight the importance of cloud systems. 9 out of 10 cloud professionals believe that cloud computing is the future model of IT for mid-market businesses.

One of the challenges facing IT departments today is choice. Choice in the types of clouds, choice of underlying technology and the choice of providers/ hosts. From private to virtual private, and public to hybrid, finding the right solution for services is complex. Lucky Chorus and Evolve IP are well equipped to service businesses with top cloud solutions.

As far as the main benefit of moving to the cloud, experts say disaster avoidance/business recovery is the number one expected benefit of moving to the cloud. Disaster can ruin a business with no warning which is why cloud must be incorporated into your business model.

Check out the rest of the facts, statistics, and highlights the experts came up with by clicking the link below:


Chorus Wants to Reward You!

Learning can never get old, especially when you’re rewarded! Come out and learn with us this upcoming Tuesday October 28th, Tuesday November 4th, and Tuesday November 11th. Our past learning events were a major turnout, so don’t miss out on amazing learning opportunity! Increased knowledge leads to increased future earnings, so don’t miss out. Our sister company Metrospect Events will be the speakers for our upcoming event, to debrief you on all the benefits and services of working with Metrospect. Metrospect can handle a wide variety of your company’s needs, from marketing, to press releases, to corporate or holiday events, to social media services, advertising and beyond!

With 20 years in the business, Metrospect has a history of success putting on major special events like Hair O’ The Dog Black Tie Affair, Philly Sports Roast Comedy Event, Who’s Who In Technology, and Premier Telecom Networking Seminar. Working with Metrospect Events will boost your publicity, clientele, and business, which every company could use. The other upcoming guest speakers include TW Telecom on November 4th, and Ajungo on November 11th.  TW Telecom is one of the one of the three largest providers of Business Ethernet in the nation, connecting more than 20,000 commercial buildings to national fiber network. Reliable Ethernet is a definite necessity for your company, that you cannot go without.

The last learning event on our list features Ajungo, a partner of ours who will help your company connect to clientele, retention rates, and increase your social media standing. With so many great companies being featured, your calendars should be marked to join in on all the knowledge and rewards!

Social Media Marketing for Success

Social media and a successful business go hand in hand. According to the Harvard Business Review a whopping 79% of businesses incorporate social media into their marketing strategies. While posting, messaging, blogging and tweeting can promote your business for the better, it can also be detrimental if not done properly.

Chorus Communications and social media experts Ajungo are at your service when it comes to your business’s marketing strategies. Not getting a lot of likes? Our partner Ajungo can increase likes by an average of  30% per month! Reaching your demographic becomes much simpler with Ajungo, who identifies influential customers and trends. Knowing and understanding consumer trends is highly valuable and essential for creating effective and lasting relationships with your clients. Creating buzz by generating viral interest throughout social media networks is another way in which Ajungo generates business. Generated social media buzz=generated revenue and earnings!

Another highly important aspect of marketing is retention-attracts and keep them! Ajungo’s loyalty rewards services help your company stay connected to loyal customers and create special offers for them. Attract customers left and right with our tactics to engage visitors like invitations, contests, and deals.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to successful business strategies and savvy social media practices when you partner up with Chorus and Ajungo! Take a look at the video on Ajungo’s website.


Top Tech Solutions

Smart technology solutions are always at the forefront of your company’s needs. Chorus’s trusted partner Line Systems has the voice, data, and cloud services that will meet your technology demands. When it comes to voice connectivity, Line Systems understands its value and importance as a pervasive means of communication for businesses. When it comes to voice services, Line Systems offers SIP Trunking, Traditional Voice, PRI/Voice T1, Call Center, Voice Conferencing, and Hosted PBX.

As far as data services, LSI delivers dedicated Internet Access, Ethernet services form 1.5MBs to 1 GB and MPLS.

LSI’s premium cloud services include hosted web and hosted email, IPfax, Virtual Office, Office 365 and Hosted SharePoint, Security as a Service (SaaS) and Disaster Recovery.

LSI has vast credentials that back up their services, including reader’s choice for technology by Southern NJ Business People. Join Chorus and Line Systems in advancing your company through superior voice, cloud, data, and consultative services today!

Ethernet Solutions for Businesses

ethernet image

To gain the full potential and benefits of Ethernet, your business must take the first step by partnering with the right provider. But the major question is, how do you find the right provider? There are several factors to take into account when looking at whom to choose, like who the provider’s customers are, how broad it’s geographic reach is, and how extensive its Ethernet infrastructure is.

Always go with a provider who can span wide distances via Ethernet and that have successfully served a long list of customers, which is a far better choice than an inexperienced or unproven upstart company. A 24/7 network of support is also critical to maintaining your Ethernet needs. Any question or issue deserves to be addressed immediately when it occurs. Comcast Business Class’s enterprise customers receive 24/7 support  from a team of technical specialists able to access connectivity statistics covering 1-day, 7-day, and 30-day periods via a secure Web portal.

Flexibility and scalable solutions are critical as well in finding the perfect Ethernet provider. You don’t want to be locked into a service that won’t easily support your company’s growth, or can’t quickly scale up and down with seasonal spikes in business. Flexibility is key. Comcast, for example, offers its Private Ethernet Line service with dedicated bandwidth configurable from 2Mbps to 10Gbps in 3 different Class of Service (CoS) options.

With these factors in mind, choosing the right Ethernet service for your business is easy. Comcast Business Class offers flexibility, as well as support and geographic diversity to meet all your Ethernet needs!

Ethurnet Business

Lets talk Ethurnet! Ethurnet is clearly needed by your business in order to connect within a network and pass valuable information. But Ethurnet done right is key. Chorus has found the answer to your Ethurnet needs with Zayo, premier global provider of bandwidth infrastructure services. If you are seeking to support a large number of users, connect several offices, or access cloud services and the Internet quickly and reliably we’ve got you covered.
With bandwidth from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps and options for QoS and route protection, you can’t find better Ethurnet services anywhere else! Get fiber delivered directly to your place of business, add locations and scale bandwidth quickly with Zayo and Chorus’s top-notch Ethurnet services. Reach us at 215.922.1862 right away; your Ethurnet can’t wait any longer!

Cloud Storage Solutions

Ever lost oh so vital data, or perhaps didn’t have the best cloud storage in the past? We’ve all been there and would like to avoid this issue going into the future. The solution to succinct cloud storage lies within US Signal and their A1 cloud storage services.

Every industry insider knows that features such as Cisco UCS Blades, SATA or Fibre channel connection to storage area networks, 3PAR storage arrays configured with RAID 5, and infinite secure access methods are what it takes for a successful cloud storage system.

Group-based access allows you to easily share data with colleagues and integrate Cloud Storage into your existing environment.US Signal cuts costs by allowing your company to use bandwidth freely without added consumption expenses. And importantly, US Signal utilizes legacy backup software that sends files offsite for disaster recovery in times of emergency.

With benefits from an extensive Cloud Storage system, to easy access, to protection from disaster recovery, US Signal will enhance any corporation’s sustainability and success!